Brand Consultancy

Combining the magic of storytelling with data to create experiences your customers will never forget

Brand Consultancy

At Digimau, we view branding the same way that we view people. Beyond the physical product and the layout of the storefront, we buy into people because of their believes, their quirks and intricacies. 

In this package, we are focused on helping you make sense of the data you collect, curating them into both possible steps you can take to improve the user experience as well as translate these data to business financials.

What We Do

Brand Universe and Brand Building

Let us build and ensure your messaging resonates with your target audience and remains consistent across all channels.

Customer Persona Creation

Understanding your customers needs and wants through data so we can focus our efforts on the best and grow from there

Gain Invaluable Business Insights

Making sure you collect data is one thing, but testing the correct hypotheses and making sure that your business is steering in the right direction? Let us help you!

Strategic Marketing Plan

More than half the battle is won when you do sufficient planning for key events and activation. Need we say more?

Partnership and Collaboration Opportunities

Work together with key strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial through cross-marketing and up-selling campaigns.

Marketing Distribution Channels

Beyond great content and product, we help you analyse the behaviour of your customers, where they shop and how to target them.

Our Framework and Process


We first understand your business objectives and prospective customers to map our a digital strategy to decide on key objectives, targets and our course of action.

Industry Insights

We do further research to understand trends and opportunities of grow within your industry to identify areas that have a high potential of growth.

Proposed Actionable Steps

Upon fully understanding your business, we come up with multiple strategic ways that you can take to achieve your target. This includes multi-pronged approach that often extends beyond marketing across the different business units.

Marketing & Product Tech Stack

With so many tools out in the market, it can be very difficult to integrate a solution that is able to solve your problems into the company. Along with the actionable steps, we go one step further to advice on the best tech structure for your business.

Customized Report

Throughout the project, we will be actively tracking the key metrics that determine whether the strategies are working effectively. Each report is specially curated for each individual client with a set of recommendations on a monthly basis so you stay ahead.

Gain Insights into Marketing in the Digital World

If you’re ready to supercharge your brand, drop us an email or a call.